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Main Advantages B2c Email List of Aeb Notebooks
You can also compare the adserver data with the direct traffic data in the web analytics tool, to see if both follow the same trend. In other words, verify that the day there is a peak in the adserver there is also a peak in direct traffic (although we must not forget that the data will never be the same). Regardless of the type of campaign we are analyzing, what KPIs should I always keep in mind? More than the KPIs that b2c email list should analyze, we should first ask ourselves what I should know about my traffic. The 3 questions I always ask myself are: – Is my traffic increasing or decreasing? – Is it quality traffic? – Do my users convert? I always say it and I never tire of repeating that if we stick to the first question and we don't know anything else about our users, it's the same as not analyzing. KPIs that can answer these questions are: – Is my traffic increasing b2c email list decreasing?: Visits, unique users , page views. – Is it quality traffic?: Bounce rate, page views per visit, average time on the site, new visits vs. recurring.

Do my users convert?: % of conversion, cost per conversion. And all these KPIs applied to different segments such as traffic sources, sections of the site, users who convert and do not convert, etc... What characteristics does a good report have to have? The main thing is that it b2c email list understandable. A report can have the longest tables and the prettiest b2c email list charts, but if you don't understand it, it doesn't do its job. A report must give great importance to the message and this must be supported by the data, but not the other way around. In addition, a good report should always be accompanied b2c email list recommendations made from the conclusions. Landing pages: what features should it meet? When is it advisable to test? Could you give us some examples (links or screenshots) of good and bad landings.

[Image: Email-Database.gif]

Tim Ash in his book "Landing page optimization" establishes a series of rules that every landing page should comply with, and these rules take into account each of the stages of the user's decision process. These rules are (according to the AIDA model): – Attention stage : If the user can't find b2c email list something easily, it doesn't exist. If you put emphasis on many things, they all lose importance Any delay creates frustration – Stage of interest : Identify your user Identify what your user is trying to achieve – Desire stage : Make the user feel appreciated Make the user feel safe Understand that the user is in control – Action stage : Get out of the user's way Make it easy for him to carry out his action Do not put last minute surprises when carrying out your action As a good example , I especially like the home page as it has a design focused on the b2c email list two types of audience the site is aimed at. When the user arrives at the site, he sees her profile perfectly identified and also how to easily solve her needs.
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